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Meat Sales

Student Raised Lamb For Sale
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Lamb $4.50 per lb*  -  whole and halves available 

All animals are raised/produced on the Land Lab by students in the program.  While they are not raised organically, they are raised as naturally as possible on the school farm with no added hormones or antibiotics.

*Prices are based on the animal's carcass weight (after harvesting and before it is packaged)

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How much does LAMB cost?

These are approximates and will vary depending on actual weights of the animals

Whole Lamb (payable to Land Lab)

          80 lbs X $4.50/lb = $360.00

 Processing Fees (standard cut)

 Harvest/Cutting/Wrapping $100.00


     Total cost of Lamb: $460.00

There will be weight loss from the hanging weight to the take home weight. Shrinkage (moisture loss, fat trim, bone loss, etc)

If you ‘take home’ 60 lbs of lamb, this would mean you are spending (on average) $7.65 per pound for all of your cuts of lamb, ranging from leg of lamb, and loin chops to ground lamb.


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