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Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
  2/5/2019  - State Convention Awareness
Fliers and class announcements are made so that any member that would like to go to state convention know about it. 
  3/23/2019  - State Convention
NCFFA will travel to the Oregon state FFA convention for the experience and to compete.
Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
  2/23/2019  - Movie Night
A night where we show 2 movies, selected by the students, and have popcorn. Students are encouraged to bring snacks or beverages to share. This activity is to get students together and have a fun time of leisure and bonding. 
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  3/21/2019  - Guest speaker
A speaker will come to our November chapter meeting to talk about food insecurity in our school district. This informs the students of the daily struggle their classmates may be facing and how to get involved by volunteering at the Wichita family center. 
Growing Leaders - Scholarship
  2/13/2019  - scholarship night
A short presentation during animal science classes or during a meeting to tell people all the scholarships that you can apply for in FFA.
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  5/25/2019  - Wilco Spring Classic
Local jackpot that students can take their county fair animals to.
  7/27/2019  - Showmanship Clinic

2:00-3:00- Cattle and Swine Clinics

3:00-4:00- Goat Clinic; Cattle cont.

4:00-5:00- Sheep and Small Animal Clinics

5:00- Showmanship Contest Starts

6:00- Dinner

Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Advocacy
  2/19/2019  - Red Barn Baby Day
There will be a petting zoo type event where we will be providing community members with a unique opportunity to learn about the animals on the land lab. We will also be holding a variety of events to help strengthen our FFA community.
Building Communities - Economic Development
Building Communities - Environmental
Building Communities - Human Resources
  12/20/2018  - Christmas Movie/Activity Night
We will watch a movie that will be voted on. Bring your own snacks to share. Large possibility of a ginger bread house building contest and a scavenger hunt. 
Building Communities - Citizenship
Chapter Officers:
Hannah Ranum
Emily Parks
Vice President
Erika Bergstrom
Shelby Saguibo
Meghan Huntley


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