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  Student Leadership  
Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  11/12/2021  - Greenhand Night
A virtual event for our first quarter Greenhands to be given their Degrees and for members and their parents to learn more about our chapter, the FFA and all of the opportunities that come with it. The Creed will also be presented and a video introducing the land lab will be shown. (The video will be a substitute for what would normally happen at our open house). Since our classes are set up differently than most years we will be having this event twice, once for 1st and 3rd quarter students and again for 2nd and 4th quarter students.
Growing Leaders - Scholarship
  1/8/2022  - Scholarship Night
A short presentation during animal science classes or during a meeting to tell people all the scholarships that you can apply for in FFA.
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
  12/20/2021  - Christmas Movie/Activity Night
We will watch a movie that will be voted on. Bring your own snacks to share. Large possibility of a ginger bread house building contest and a scavenger hunt. 
Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Literacy
  2/15/2022  - Red Barn Baby Day

There will be an educational hands-on experience where we will be providing the community with a unique opportunity to learn about livestock. We will also be hosting a variety of animals and station events to help strengthen our urban community's knowledge about agriculture. we may cancel this event or reorganize it due to covid.

  5/11/2022  - Kindergarten Tours
Kindergarten Tours are educational and interactive tours that student volunteers lead. We have several different stations and activities designed to engage kids. The focus of this event is to teach kids about the basics of agriculture and foster leadership skills in our members. To further the learning of the kindergarteners we send them home with an agriculture book, so they can continue their learning in the classroom.
Building Communities - Economic Development
  11/25/2021  - Holiday Wreaths
We will be meeting at the land lab to create wreaths and candle centerpieces to be sold at the Christmas Tree Sale put on by the Alumni and for pre-orders. 
  2/16/2022  - SAE Loans
SAE Loans are loans given by the chapter to members who need help paying for their fair animals. These loans are expected to be payed back after their animal is sold at the Clackamas county junior livestock auction.
Chapter Officers:
Elena Peterson


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